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Arquitecta Office Complete Family
Combination package
2 font styles
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Promise 正版商用 Genuine commercial 官方授权 Official authorization 正规发票 Formal invoice
Delivery time 2 days(Holidays postponed)
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  • Desktop
  • Webfont
  • App
Number of licenses

Font description

We have adapted the version of our Arquitecta font for use in Microsoft Office™.

It only has 4 variants: regular, italic, bold and bold italic.

Font weights have been named in a way that can be clearly shown up in the font list in Office™ programs for the sake of a good hierarchy (the bold variant is quite bold and does not look the same as the original font).

Arquitecta Office update:

Improvements of proportions and drawing.

The set was extended to the current one of Latinotype.

License type

License name
License description
license agreement
Install the font on your Windows or macOS system; Use the font within desktop applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Word, etc. Create and print documents, as well as static images (.jpeg, .tiff, .png), even if the images are used on a website or within a mobile app.
Self hosted fonts for your website.
If you’re making an app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.
Please be sure to check the "original license agreement" before entrusting the purchase, because there may be some restrictions, such as use in logo / trademark, geographical restrictions (location and quantity) and products to be sold。

Glyph display

Authorization process

Online whole process self-service authorization

Select the font according to the needs, select the appropriate authorization scheme, and fill in the licensee information
Payment Order
Use online payment such as Alipay, Wechat and PayPal, or pay to our through offline channels such as corporate transfer and international wire transfer
Broker purchase
The commission agent purchases the corresponding font authorization from the copyright owner according to your needs
Authorized audit
The copyright owner shall issue the authorization document after review
Authorization Complete
Download the font file and view or download the authorization certificate (authorization letter / authorization agreement / authorization contract).

Genuine commitment

This font is purchased by 福州字谷科技有限公司

Business license(View original


The official certificate of authorization can be viewed or downloaded in "personal Center - my order" (delivery within 2 working days after payment)

Formal invoice

Each order that generates actual payment can apply for issuing VAT invoice online.


Invoicing process

1.Click "apply for invoicing" in the order list

2.Select or add your invoice header

3.Submit application

Invoice type

1. Electronic VAT common invoice tax rate:1%

2. 电子增值税专用发票,税率:1%

Invoice content: information technology service fee





2.Common licensing methods for overseas fonts

Desktop License (Desktop)

"Desktop" refers to the computer, the desktop license allows you to install the fonts on your computer for offline design purposes, including the design of logos, posters, merchandise, magazines, etc. For example, the static images you design with fonts on your computer are allowed to be distributed at will (regardless of online or offline use); however, you cannot embed the fonts in any form. However, the font file cannot be embedded in your work in any form, that is to say, the font file cannot leave your computer, for example, it is not allowed to convert the font format and embed it in web pages or embed it in PPT and then distribute it; it should be noted that some copyright holders may additionally stipulate that the font is not allowed to be used for the design of LOGO and other specified purposes.

The license is usually licensed according to the number of users, the number of users refers to the number of computers that may have the font installed; the desktop license is generally valid for life, if there is a specified number of years our purchase page will be prompted; the works designed within the validity of the license can be used for life, but if you need to continue to use the font for design outside the validity of the license, you need to purchase a new license.


As the name implies, webfont license is a kind of license that allows font files to be embedded into various web pages. Regardless of whether the font files are converted or not, and regardless of whether the font files are fully embedded or partially embedded, the license is required for any form of font files embedded into web pages.

Different copyright holders have different ways of selling web page licenses. In addition to the license period, they usually specify the total number of views or monthly views within the license period, you can choose to purchase according to your website needs.

Application License (App)

App license allows you to embed the font file into the APP you develop or operate, no matter it is game APP, education APP, music APP, any APP that embeds the font file needs to obtain the license.

Application license can be sold in various forms according to the license period, installed volume, APP quantity, etc.

E-book License (ePub)

The ePub license allows font files to be embedded in an electronic publication, but the font software cannot be installed in the operating system running the electronic publication.

This license can be sold in various forms such as license period, number of titles, total number of devices, and number of views.

Server License (Server)

The Server license allows you to install fonts on the licensed server in a way that they cannot be extracted, but not on any other computer or processing unit.

This license can be sold in various forms according to the license term, number of CPU cores, number of clients, etc.

Digital Ads License (Digital Ads)

The Digital Ads license allows you to access, download, and use the Web fonts provided in the Web Font Kit to create digital ads, but only for the purpose of publishing digital ads on the output device.

The license can be sold in a variety of formats based on license duration, number of releases, number of exposures, etc.

Translated with (free version)

3.When does the authorization of a substitute order take effect?

After you complete the payment, the service provider will procure the relevant authorization for you in the first time, and the authorization process will usually be completed within 24 hours. After the procurement is completed, you can view the authorization voucher in the order details and download the font file or apply for invoicing.

4.Advertising agency for the client design work by who to buy font license

Usually the "licensee" of font software license should be the end-user of the design solution, so the owner of the design solution must obtain the relevant authorization of the font used, and some authorization methods (such as desktop license) specify the number of terminals to be used, so all computers using the font for design or modification of the solution need to obtain authorization.

5.How to help customers buy licenses

You can select or add "Licensee" information when you submit your order, and fill in your customer information in the "Licensee" form.

6.How to install fonts

Windows system: Copy the font file directly to C:/Windows/Fonts, or right-click the font file and select "Install"; Mac system: Double-click the font file - click Install, or open "Applications "-"Font Book", drag the fonts into it.

7.How to find the font in PS and other software after installation

Due to the operating system or software version, if you can't find the installed font in the software, we suggest you restart the system first, the font may be shown in the list as Chinese or English name, please look for it carefully, as long as the font is installed successfully, the font must exist in the font list.