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安景臣钢笔行书 常规
Official price
Current rate
Withholding tax
value added tax
Promise 正版商用 Genuine commercial 官方授权 Official authorization 正规发票 Formal invoice
Delivery time Real time
License type
  • Media
  • 企业官方网站
  • Online store design
  • 单一LOGO
  • Slogan design
  • VI design
  • 手册设计
  • poster design
  • Print advertising design
  • Outdoor advertising design
  • Television ads
  • online advertising
  • Product packaging
  • 影视作品用字
  • 影视节目滚动式字幕
Number of licenses

Font description


安景臣老师是国内专业钢笔书法行书字库开创者,其在线字帖被大型字帖网站《三典轩》收录,与庞中华、田英章等在线字帖并列。安老师现从事电脑与书法教学工作,曾为专业硬笔书法网站〈硬笔书法天地〉题写站名, 简历被《世界华人名人网》等网站收录,个人网页被收录在中国权威书法网站《中国书法网》。

License type

Description of use
Online store design
Slogan design
VI design
poster design
Print advertising design
Outdoor advertising design
Television ads
online advertising
Product packaging
Logo design
Trademark design words (including: logo, trademark, registered trademark, etc. of the enterprise or product)
Slogan design
Words used in Slogan Design (including slogans, slogans, advertising slogans, etc. of enterprises or products)
VI design
VI design words (including standard words, guide manuals, enterprise manuals, etc., excluding trademark design and Slogan Design)
Brochure design
Words used in brochure design (including: brochures, building books, instructions, etc.)
Package Design
Words for physical packaging design (including: food, daily necessities, office stationery, hardware and electrical equipment, computer digital, CD surface, etc.)
poster design
Poster design words (including: elabo, background board, poster spray painting, promotional single page, etc.)
office design
Words for office document design (including PPT, work report, business proposal, planning, etc., excluding electronic publication embedding)
Application design
Application design words (including UI, illustrations, advertisements, etc., excluding application embedding)
Website design
Words for website, H5 application or applet design (including UI, illustrations, advertisements, etc., excluding web page embedding)
Online store design
Design words for third-party e-commerce online stores (including: Taobao, tmall,, pinduoduo, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.)
self-media design
We media design words (including: Weibo, wechat, official account, headline, Tiktok, Kwai, Facebook, twitter, etc.)
Outdoor advertising design
Outdoor advertising design words (including: light box advertising, body advertising, building advertising, column advertising, platform advertising, etc.)
Print advertising design
Words used in print advertising design (including newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, etc.)
Film and television advertising design
Words used in the design of film and television advertisements (including: TV advertisements, film advertisements, short video advertisements, promotional films, etc., excluding: film and television works)
Online advertising design
Third party network platform design words (including Baidu, Sogou, 360, Toutiao, Taobao, Google, Bing, etc.)
Website design
Online store design
Brochure design

Authorization process

Online whole process self-service authorization(Online authorization)

Select the font according to the needs, select the appropriate authorization scheme, and fill in the licensee information
Payment Order
Use online payment such as Alipay, Wechat and PayPal, or pay to our through offline channels such as corporate transfer and international wire transfer
Authorization Complete
Download the font file and view or download the authorization certificate (authorization letter / authorization agreement / authorization contract).

Genuine commitment

Each work is registered and certified by the national copyright authority or the copyright owner promises in writing that it is copyrighted


Official authorization

The copyright owner officially authorizes us to issue the authorization certificate for you



The official certificate of authorization can be viewed or downloaded in "personal Center - my order" (delivery within 2 working days after payment)

Formal invoice

Each order that generates actual payment can apply for issuing VAT invoice online.


Invoicing process

1.Click "apply for invoicing" in the order list

2.Select or add your invoice header

3.Submit application

Invoice type

1. Electronic VAT common invoice tax rate:6%

2. 电子增值税专用发票,税率:6%

Invoice content: information technology service fee



1.Advertising agency for the client design work by who to buy font license

Usually the "licensee" of font software license should be the end-user of the design solution, so the owner of the design solution must obtain the relevant authorization of the font used, and some authorization methods (such as desktop license) specify the number of terminals to be used, so all computers using the font for design or modification of the solution need to obtain authorization.

2.How to help customers buy licenses

You can select or add "Licensee" information when you submit your order, and fill in your customer information in the "Licensee" form.

3.How to install fonts

Windows system: Copy the font file directly to C:/Windows/Fonts, or right-click the font file and select "Install"; Mac system: Double-click the font file - click Install, or open "Applications "-"Font Book", drag the fonts into it.

4.How to find the font in PS and other software after installation

Due to the operating system or software version, if you can't find the installed font in the software, we suggest you restart the system first, the font may be shown in the list as Chinese or English name, please look for it carefully, as long as the font is installed successfully, the font must exist in the font list.

5.What to do if there is a risk warning during the payment process

When using WeChat, Alipay and other third-party payment tools to make large payment, risk prompts may be triggered. Please operate according to the following methods. You can also pay large orders through corporate transfer<